Exclusive, previously unseen footage of speeches by Nationalism’s best known geo-political analyst Jonathan Bowden.

Filmed by PA members many years ago, Mr Bowden’s insightful and realistic appraisals of world politics have earned him a loyal following amongst younger members of Patriotic Alternative and other nationalist groups. Many of his prescient observations are as fascinating now as they were before his untimely death in 2012.

While you wait for the previously unseen and remastered footage of Jonathan Bowden to hit the website check out our other Bowden videos:

Jonathan Bowden – Areas in our Towns and Cities Are Semi-Segregated

Jonathan Bowden – Enoch Spoke and People Heard

Jonathan Bowden – Strength, Identity and Freedom of Speech

A remastered version of a speech by Jonathan Bowden in Wigan & Leigh 2009. This version includes a few minutes of the speech not previous seen:
Jonathan Bowden – Here in England, and in Britain Forever

A previously unreleased video of a speech Jonathan Bowden gave to a gathering in 2006 in Huddersfield:
Jonathan Bowden – Why Are These People Here?

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