Patriotic Alternative’s planned demonstration in Leeds city centre happened to be taking place at the exact time that Stand Up To Racism was having their ‘Santa Knows No Borders’ fundraiser for Care 4 Calais. Whoops!

Undeterred, activists setup shop in front of their amateur stall and delivered 3 speeches, at length, to the people of Leeds to much public support. We highlighted the corruption of our government, the failures of the Tories and, of course, the recent news that White Britons now make up only 74% of the population.

Anti-Whites attempted to drown us out but Big Bertha was in full effect, reverberating off surrounding buildings and shaking the Communists to the core! SUTR promptly had an ’emergency meeting’ over our presence they were so traumatised. Of course, being the political dissidents they are, they were held their meeting inside Leeds Civic Hall…

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