About PATV

Want to know more about PATV?

Created to showcase Patriotic Alternative’s own media related content patv.uk will be delivering your weekly dose of Mark’s live and often controversial talk show ‘PWR‘ and the increasingly popular ‘Tea Time with Sam and Laura.

Along with regular monthly leadership update streams, you can expect to find annual conference material, summer camp footage, interviews, speeches, banner drops, live stream events, activism and much, much more…so stay tuned!

Oh and we’ve also thrown in a dedicated section for each of the regions!

patv.uk is proudly run by a dedicated team of professional volunteers; who between them have amassed thousands of hours experience filming, editing and producing high-quality video, graphic design and special effects content, their work having met the strict broadcasting standards of the BBC and aired across British mainstream tv channels.

Have an enquiry drop us a line at: contact@patv.uk